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          TAIAN YUANDONG INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO.,LTD is a taian east righteousness group holdings has a comprehensive professional foreign trade import and export rights. The company was founded in 1998, the registered capital of 21.6 million yuan, in shandong province registered Tai’an City DongShou lingshan street.

          Company is mainly engaged in the bonded goods and general cargo storage, transportation, bonded factory production, processing and commercial distribution (except for countries to limit commodity) commodity intermediary services; Except self-supporting and agent (national limit commodity) of goods and technology import and export business, feed processing and the "three to fill a" business; Operating counter trade and entrepot trade.

          Company is the east just group company to expand the international market, and establish international marketing network platform of leading enterprises, bear the light group company of shandong machinery manufacturing co., LTD., shandong YaXiang power co., LTD., taian pimaric machinery manufacturing co., LTD, a subsidiary of products export sales task.

          In recent years, the company adhere to the "go out, please come in" the management policy, the export trade volume rose steadily, and consistently ranks Tai’an City same line. Companies export products are mainly involved in automobile and its accessories, engineering machinery, large displacement motorcycle, household appliances, woodworking machinery, all kinds of production line in areas such as body, export product diversification; Major export state Iran, the united Arab emirates, Australia, European Union, Russia and so on more than 40 countries and regions.

          "The customer is supreme" is the soul of corporate culture; "People-oriented" is the foundation of corporate culture;

          "Executive force" is a reflection of corporate culture; "Innovation" is the source of company development;

          Modern management model and advanced business philosophy is a powerful guarantee for the steady development of the company.

          TAIAN YUANDONG INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO.,LTD with international people's quality level and provide customers with diversified trade services, and to improve the humanized service of success with customers and peer recognition and support. In serving the company serves the society at the same time, we sincerely welcome people with lofty ideals to visit, and seek common development, create reutilized.

          ADDRESS:No. 75, Leigushi Street, Taian, Shandong Province, China


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